Kumara Vine Business Club - New members welcome

The Kumara Vine Business Club

The Kumara Vine is a project designed to promote and celebrate Māori and Pasifika success.  In 2017 we are expanding our kaupapa to include promoting Māori and Pasifika businesses from Aotearoa.   The project consists of a high value website a focused Facebook page and a monthly newsletter. 
NB: Facebook is now officially the most popular form of media used by Māori and Pasifika, and the rest of the world. 
The main goals of this business project are; 
1)            Help the collective of Māori and Pasifika owned businesses grow  
2)            Promote Community events and news for FREE 
3)            Promote Māori and Pasifika people achieving and celebrate their success.
4)            Help fund the Kumara Vine
The great news is the cost of this media platform is very affordable and can help us (the collective) achieve great things in terms of marketing our business partners and community news,  events efficiently every day. 
Our links
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13511227  

How it all works       

Māori and Pasifika businesses sign up to be featured in the Kumara Vine business directory.  The funds received from each business is used to market the business through the directory, an initial advertising campaign via our Facebook page for the business, ongoing monthly promotion of the directory and also helps us fund the project and our FREE community marketing services. 
As a collective of businesses if we all promote website, social media pages and share the newsletters we will grow New Zealand's strongest Māori and Pasifika business network.
We are also creating a LinkedIn presence to help our businesses to communicate and network together. If you already have a LinkedIn profile you can join this group at the following link https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13511227  
I.e. Police alerts, regional community information, interesting material. 
This all helps build the community, thus also helps promote our directory and the businesses who work with us. 
We also have affordable advertising and marketing services for our members only to help your businesses create brand awareness, product/service awareness and sales. 


Business membership - $180+GST per annum 

•             Includes comprehensive page in the directory 
•             Includes an initial marketing campaign to push awareness of the business through our Social Media followers 
•             Includes one complimentary Facebook advert on our popular Facebook page each month
•             Includes helping us fund a monthly growth of Kumara Vine and promotion of the business directory. 
•             50% discount on Job Vacancy adverts which will be promoted through both the Kumara Vine and JobCafe.co.nz (use code KUMARAVINE when sending email)
Business Directory listing only - $120+GST per annum

Other Services (optional) 

  • Additional Facebook Advertising (existing members only) $75+GST per advert 
  • Feature Advert in monthly newsletter $120+GST per advert
  • Staff/Owner promotion through Kumara Vine $750+GST in newsletter (one insertion) and lifetime on Kumara Vine & JobCafe websites. NB:  We interview person and write advert for you.

We also provide ... 

  •  Copy writing services for adverts (priced on requirement) starts from $250+GST
  • Build your new modern marketing website using the same software as he Kumara Vine does or Squarespace. Pricing starts at $1200 for basic site build & $500 per annum (hosting, tech support, software licence fees).

To join the Business Club email Tony Cutting